Dear Executive,

Our company has taken the utmost care to the manufacturing and assembly quality with its expert staff that it has formed with the team of experienced and knowledgeable team in the industry in 2011 and has adopted the principle of solving all kinds of demands of its customers and by combining the quality, economy and aesthetics is an establishment that provides detailed solutions.

Rollsis, which continues its research, development and production in 1.500 m2 area in İstanbul, as a result of the partnership with the French company Somfy, the world leader in the production of blind and roller shutter engines and technical infrastructure was further strengthened and so far, domestic and international speedly service network and application support to provide and projects of architectural details to provide a quality service to resolve customer with many projects to be taking place our dealers in most provinces.


In line with our target of total quality, we aim to improve the quality of our service with the utmost care and attention to customer satisfaction, occupational health, safety and environment,

To meet the expectations of the customers and related parties, to observe the applicable conditions and to always improve our quality and technology in accordance with the Continuous Improvement approach,

We regard the development of our service quality with the participation of all employees within the framework of the standards and regulations, to ensure the continuity of the management systems and to continuously improve it as a company policy.

Quality Policy Sertifications


In addition to the qualifications required by the positions, having the following characteristics is also expected from the candidates.
Knowledge of foreign languages and having done their military service for men are our basic criteria.

  • Customer focus
  • Team work predisposition
  • Communication ability
  • Learning and self-development desire
  • Internal motivation
  • self-reliance
  • Openness to change

Internship programs give students the opportunity to work in the future
they are intended to guide themselves in the field of study. Every year
Applications must be completed by the end of April.

Job / internship applications are received via ik@rollsis.com